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Cynthia Lee’s Pottery Class Donate Totem Pole

Workshop leader Cynthia Lee and student Yolanda Hardin with the class totem pole.Cynthia Lee has been teaching pottery at Wildacres for a number of years, and in 2014, her class made a totem pole. Each student made pieces that were fitted together and installed in front of the pottery studio. Cynthia returned to the mountain along with student Yolanda Hardin during the fall gathering, and with the help of Dave Lovett, and lots of interested onlookers, the totem was assembled and donated to Wildacres.
Totem pole installation
Thanks to Cynthia and the class for this whimsical addition.
(Photos by Janice Wald Friedman)

Thank you to writers Jan Parker and Jules Riley for donating books to Wildacres Library

Donors Jules Riley and Jan ParkerWe Writers have personal relationships with our words. and we guard our ever-growing stockpiles of them with great enthusiasm. Take the word merkin for example, introduced and explained to us in 2012 by the esteemed Luke Whisnant, long-time instructor at the Wildacres Writers Workshop, a popular annual event, directed by the beloved Judi Hill and held in steady place by Mike House.

Take for another example, grass widow, a term introduced but not explained to us by Leon Hinton, writer and long-time attendee of the Writers Workshop. As revered as Leon is, may it also be noted he in fact, did fail to give the precise definition of and origin to this unique term.*

All things come out in the wash, so some people say and upon hearing my vast complaints that I could find no relief from not knowing the meaning of grass widow, the dear Jules Riley availed himself to brainstorming with me. The sudden realization hit: we could start building a writers' reference section, here in the Wildacres library.

The next day had us scouring the local used book store in Little Switzerland, where we found many valuable books for our new project.

It is our hope that all writers will find what they see, in the form of origins, definition, explanation, and the like during the time they spend here on the magic mountain, if they cannot find a reference in the books we donated, we would like to encourage others to make a contribution to the collection. Everyone can help in keeping this gathering of books contemporary and expanding.

Written by: Jan Parker