Wildacres Retreat Wildacres Lodge

Wildacres Has A Life About It. As Long As There Are Those Who Hear Its Voice
And Identify With Its Spirit, Wildacres Will Live On.

Conference center lodgeEnsuring Wildacres’ Future
Fees paid by the nonprofit organizations using Wildacres' conference center facilities cover a portion of the Retreat’s annual operating expenses, but cover none of the facility’s capital expenditures. The Blumenthal Foundation provides ongoing financial assistance to Wildacres, but the Foundation cannot do this alone. To ensure that Wildacres Retreat will be here for generations to come, an endowment has been established. Income generated from this endowment will help offset the facility’s annual expenses and ongoing capital needs.

How You Can Help
A gift from the estate of Herman Blumenthal initiated the Wildacres Endowment Fund. Through this endowment and with the help of Wildacres’ friends, the health and long-term success of Wildacres Retreat will be ensured. There are several ways you can invest in Wildacres’ future and help keep the conference center facilities available at a nominal cost. Gifts may provide support for:

• Wildacres Endowment Fund
• Capital Projects
• Planned and deferred giving programs can be facilitated for donors

All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Philip Blumenthal at (704) 688-2305.

Wildacres Needs Your Support To Secure Its Mission For Future Generations