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Leadership Initiative

Chairs on patio at WildacresTo celebrate Wildacres’ 50th Anniversary, the Wildacres Leadership Initiative was established in 1995. Its mission is to broaden the scope of Wildacres’ influence on North Carolina and its citizens for the next 50 years and beyond.

In keeping with the Wildacres vision, the founders and staff of the Initiative created the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations. Named for Bill Friday, an educator, policy maker and philanthropist, the program endeavors to prepare emerging leaders for the challenges of the twenty-first century. With the humanities as its focus, the Fellowship provides a forum for Fellows of differing ideologies, vocations and ethnic backgrounds to work together. It promotes the exchange of ideas and is continually developing opportunities for Fellows to apply their knowledge and creativity to projects that will benefit North Carolina and beyond.

By incorporating the Wildacres philosophy with the powers of compassion and curiosity that are Bill Friday’s trademarks, the Wildacres Leadership Initiative hopes to bestow a “birthday gift” of lasting significance to future generations.

To learn more about WLI, visit their website at www.wildacresleadership.org.