Ensuring Wildacres’ Future


Fees paid by the nonprofit organizations using Wildacres’ conference center facilities address only a portion of the Retreat’s annual operating expenses and do not cover the facility’s capital expenditures.

While the Blumenthal Foundation provides ongoing financial assistance to Wildacres to offset operating expenses, we need to build long-term sustainability for the retreat. A gift from the estate of Herman Blumenthal established the Wildacres Endowment Fund. That endowment combined with the help of Wildacres’ friends like you can ensure the health and long-term success of Wildacres Retreat.

How You Can Help

Invest in Wildacres’ future and help keep the conference center facilities available at a nominal cost.


DONATE    Wishlist items

Financial Support

Supporters of Wildacres may choose to contribute for general operating support, to our endowment fund, or for a specific project. Some supporters choose to donate in honor or memory of friends or fellow Wildacres alumni. You can support Wildacres Retreat financially the following ways:

Give Electronically Once/Monthly/Annually – Donate through this link to our DonorBox account

Donate by Check – Mail your check to:   Wildacres Retreat, PO Box 280, Little Switzerland, NC  28749

Legacy Giving –  Call Wildacres Retreat at 828.756.4573 for more information

Wishlist Items and Services

On occasion, Wildacres supporters have donated supplies to the retreat such as equipment, appliances, tools, or other items from our supply wishlist.

If you wish to gift an item to Wildacres, our wishlist is located here, along with links to online ordering options.  We anticipate the list will grow and change as future needs are identified.  We hope to collaborate with our legacy groups on items that are useful across the board for groups coming to the retreat.

We will be sharing information on capital projects as they are identified by the staff and our board in the coming months.  Groups and individuals will be invited to contribute to those projects.

If you wish to donate services or skills to the retreat, please give us a call and we’d love to hear more!

(828) 756-4573 • wildacres@wildacres.org

100% of your donation goes to support the mission of Wildacres Retreat

All gifts are tax deductible. If you have donation questions, please reach out to our resident manager, Wendy Burns, by phone at (828) 756-4573 or by email at wildacres@wildacres.org and anytime in person during your visit to Wildacres.

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