Wildacres Gatherings

At Wildacres, we host a wide variety of non-profit groups for retreats, workshops, or conferences.  There are only two times each year that we offer programming ourselves, and we call those events Gatherings.

Wildacres offers a Spring and Fall Gathering each year with registration open to individuals from all fields of creative arts.  While the actual dates of our Gatherings change from year to year, the Spring Gathering is typically held in April or May and the Fall Gathering is our last event before we close for the season, usually at the end of October or the beginning of November.  Below is more information about our Gatherings.


  • Guests attending a Gathering work on self-study projects.  Wildacres does not offer instruction or classes as the event is an opportunity for creative artists to work on individual projects at their own pace. We ask that attendees keep that expectation in mind when planning their time at the Gathering.
  • The fee to attend covers room, board, and workspace for the artists.  Attendees are expected to bring their own supplies and “tools” for their chosen projects.
  • Our rooms are double-occupancy.  Most Gathering attendees re-connect with friends at the event and end up sharing rooms.  If an attendee does not have a roommate, we assign one when they arrive.  We ask that guests at the Gatherings plan to share a room as we have limited capacity and we want as many individuals as possible to have the opportunity to experience Wildacres.
  • Check our “Get Ready for Your Visit” page for more details about lodging and meals.





  • Dates for our Gatherings are posted on our Retreat Calendar webpage, as well as on our social media across Facebook and Instagram. If a Gathering is not listed on our Calendar, it is because we have not yet set the dates for it.
  • Individuals register for the event through our website.  We post notice of registration dates several weeks ahead of time across our social media pages as well as on our website.
  • Registration is completed via an online form on our website that is submitted directly to us at Wildacres.  Once we receive an individual’s registration form and the non-refundable deposit, the reservation is considered complete and we confirm by return e-mail.  The remaining balance is due at check-in for the Gathering.  We accept cash, checks, and Zelle.  For 2024, the cost of the gatherings is $480 for 6 nights and 17 meals.  

Guests tell us all the time that our Gatherings are much-anticipated events in the Wildacres season.  Many attendees return year-to-year and feel a deep connection to our mission and retreat, and enjoy the friendships they make with other artists while they are with us.  Each year we work to offer space at the Gatherings to both returnees as well as “new friends”.

We hope that you will be able to join us on the mountain for one of our Gatherings in the future!

Gathering Gallery